YES and I

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Long and hard bicycle rids are, kind of, one of my passions. Why?! It’s the best way to push your limits, mentally and physically. You just need an old ’80 bicycle, your old Prada shoes, an old tracksuit, a heavy backpack (real cyclist don’t do this), you add some heavy rain on the road, some parties with your couch surfers and 400km on your bicycle seat (not comfortable at all).

What’s interesting is that there is no pleasure when you are on the bike, but you feel like in heaven when you are off. Every minute on the bike is one minute of difficult decisions: should I stop? should I go back? should I take the train? should I get some rest? should I take a glass of wine or an orange juice? … but every time I needed to make a decision (like every minute) I thought at Obamas campaign quotation: “YES I CAN!”… I can say I thought a lot at Obama!!! And, finally, “YES I DID”!!!

The big lesson I learned during this trip is that my 12 hours workdays are easy besides this four days spent on my bicycle seat!

All this just to say that I added to my training log one way trip from Nantes to Paris:

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