April 1, 2011

Who am I?

___My name is Arthur and I am 30, I have a dual Hungarian and Romanian nationality and grew up in a multicultural environment at the intersection of cultures and borders of Hungary, Romania and Ukraine.  Cultural exchange is my biggest passion, that’s why today I’m traveling and living outside my home country.

___My story starts in Romania were, as a son of an underwear store owner, I developed what I call “the customer love” (my mother calls it “our generosity gene“). Later, in University, I discovered my personal qualities which are the enthusiasm and the leadership. It was only when I arrived in France in 2011 that I found out what I’m good at: people management, project management, customer management and off course practicing  sports. Genuinely a “challenge lover“, in 2015 I moved in Sweden were I’m searching to break new boundaries in my professional life.

___I am a graduate in international business my main interests being the EU trade and the European integration. I studied how the EU promotes cross-border trade inside and outside the European community. I have managed to put into practice my knowledge in our family business where I handled the supply and the relationship with foreign partners.

___I have also a degree in sports training and I have specialized in competitive swimming. I have three years coaching experience in various clubs and associations where I trained masters swimmers who competed in national and international level competitions. My involvement of swimming does not rest at training, I am also a founding member of the Athletic Association “Club Orca” from Cluj Napoca and a promoter of masters swimming in Romania. In addition throughout my studies in sports I tried my hand at editing specialized swimming websites.

___In my leisure time I’m practicing a lot of sports.  Whether it is swimming, biking, running, surfing or hiking, the sport allows me to go beyond my limits. Swimming long distances in big lakes and crossing many country by bike are some examples that shows my big passion for sports. My last success was to run the North Pole Marathon (my first ever marathon). My current project is to train for a cliff diving competition.