April 1, 2011

Who am I?

My name is Arthur, I have a dual Hungarian and Romanian nationality and grew up in a multicultural environment at the intersection of cultures and borders of Hungary, Romania and Ukraine. Cultural exchange is my biggest passion, that is why today you will find me somewhere outside my home country.

My story starts in northern Romania were, as a son of an underwear store owners, I grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. Later, I graduated international trade and I have managed to put into practice my knowledge in our family business where I handled the supply and the relationship with foreign partners.

Furthermore, I earned a master degree in sports training, being involved in different sport organisations as a swimming coach, event manager and sport editor. I love as well to practice different sports. Whether it is swimming, biking, running, surfing or hiking, the sport allows me to go beyond my limits. My last success was to run the North Pole Marathon.

On the professional level, I worked for several years as a manager in a sport store in France and tried my hand at entrepreneurship in Sweden. Currently, I am leisurely traveling around the world, pilling up inspiration for further opportunities.