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This is the story of my first marathon, The North Pole Marathon

Posted on May 2, 2015, by , under North pole marathon.

Dear friends,

Wonderful news! I’ve finished my first marathon! YES! The North Pole Marathon, literally the coolest marathon on earth. The competition took place on April 11th 2015 near the Barneo North Pole Ice Camp (situated at about 60km from the geographical North Pole). The temperature fluctuated between -30°C and -41°C and we were running in around 30cm deep snow. I’ve managed to finish on the 6th position out of 43 competitors, within a time of 6 hours 48 minutes and 3 seconds. A great time, great position, great race, great meetings and of course “a personal best” as my friends from the marathon liked to call it.

Thank you everyone for supporting me during these past nine months! Without your support it wouldn’t have happened. And for those who want to know more about this amazing experience, let me describe you my adventure (take a seat, it might be long).



TOGETHER at the North Pole!

Posted on June 12, 2014, by , under North pole marathon, Sport.


CB013150Hello, everyone!

Hope you are well and happy, following your dreams wherever on the planet you find yourselves!

As for me, I am happy to say that I have an announcement to make. Do you remember my “must do in a lifetime” list? Yes, the one full of crazy stuff to do! Well, I took it seriously and I’m pursuing my dreams. Next on the list: THE NORTH POLE MARATHON!

The North Pole Marathon is described by some as “the running experience of a lifetime”, racing on top of the world. It is the only marathon run on water. Participants run on Arctic ice floes, with as little as 180 cm (6 feet) separating them from the icy Arctic Ocean. The coolest contest on earth, the coldes (with temperatures of -40C and polar bears), the craziest, warn us: “This race is only for runners who have the guts”.

I therefore decided to go beyond the dream and I have just registered for the next edition of the North Pole Marathon, which will take place at the North Pole on April 9th 2015!

This means that I need to start training seriously and be up and (literally) running my best by that time. The marathon might take place in 2015, but for me it actually starts now!

During this journey of physical and mental preparation, I would like to share with you updates, what motivates me in this new challenge, how will I manage to combine work, training and personal life, as well as the three values that guide me along the way – generosity, unity and transcendence.

In order to do that I created a FACEBOOK PAGE for this event, that I invite you to like, follow and share. Come along with me in this new challenge! Be my coach, my teacher, my supporter! Be my athlete, my student, my fan! Let’s do it TOGETHER! Let’s win it TOGETHER!



4810 m

Posted on September 12, 2013, by , under Ganduri ... Pensees ... Thoughts, Sport.

Since October 2011 when I wrote my first “must do” list I tried to organise myself to accomplish, let’s call theme, MY DREAMS!!! I wanted to start with a marathon. Big deception!!! Three months after I started training, I stopped! I started to train for the European Masters Swimming Championships! I stopped two weeks after! I wanted to plan my world tour on a bicycle! I failed!

I needed two years to accomplish one of my “musts do”! It happened some weeks ago when I successfully climbed the highest mountain in western Europe, the Mont Blanc (4810m). It’s a great moment of my life! Not only that I succeeded in getting on the roof of Europe, but I also learned a big lesson out there. Surrounded by snow, frozen feet, hardly walking and hardly breathing I was forced to listen my body (which was slowing down), to cooperate and to continue until the end! Wanting big things in short time was probably my biggest flow! That’s why I’ve probably failed in all my other plans. Sometimes we need to take small steps to reach the top! This was the lesson I learned during my first achieved dream! Hope it will help me to accomplish all my other dreams! Cause you know the saying: “When you’re on top of a mountain, keep climbing”

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YES and I

Posted on June 2, 2013, by , under Sport.

prada crop

Long and hard bicycle rids are, kind of, one of my passions. Why?! It’s the best way to push your limits, mentally and physically. You just need an old ’80 bicycle, your old Prada shoes, an old tracksuit, a heavy backpack (real cyclist don’t do this), you add some heavy rain on the road, some parties with your couch surfers and 400km on your bicycle seat (not comfortable at all).

What’s interesting is that there is no pleasure when you are on the bike, but you feel like in heaven when you are off. Every minute on the bike is one minute of difficult decisions: should I stop? should I go back? should I take the train? should I get some rest? should I take a glass of wine or an orange juice? … but every time I needed to make a decision (like every minute) I thought at Obamas campaign quotation: “YES I CAN!”… I can say I thought a lot at Obama!!! And, finally, “YES I DID”!!!

The big lesson I learned during this trip is that my 12 hours workdays are easy besides this four days spent on my bicycle seat!

All this just to say that I added to my training log one way trip from Nantes to Paris:

Bike route 2,127,272 – powered by

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The comeback!!!

Posted on April 18, 2012, by , under Sport.

CANCELED for something even grater!!! Stay tuned!!!

I just want to make the big announcement for my big comeback in the swimming pool!!! More than 2 years have past since my last real training. It’s enough I said!!! It’s time to be “flipper” again!!! If Thorpe and Manaudou did it, why couldn’t I do it? So see you soon on the block-starts! This time under a new club: “Club Aquatique Choletais NATATION” or more simple “CAC Natation”. I already started my trainings on 15 of April 2012 and the big objective is to qualify for the 14th European Masters Championships in Eindhoven 2013.


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